Looking For a Top WR

Currently looking to trade for a top WR in a 12 team .5 ppr superflex. I feel my wr core is the weakest part of my team and would like to improve as I see myself in a win now mode. I currently have T.Y. Hilton, Golden Tate, Juju Smith-Schuster, Michael Crabtree, Randall Cobb and Danny Amendola as my top wrs. I feel Juju would be a good trade piece since his hype is real at the moment. I also have a 2019 1st and 2 2019 2nds for the rookie draft next year. What would be a good combo for me to start offering people in exchange for a top guy? And what top guys would you be going after?
Thanks footclan!

I might find your resident Andrew Luck truther and, if he’s got a WR you covet, try to sell him Hilton and a pick or 2.

Edit: another option, which would come down to your risk tolerance/how you view the guys in question would be to try to go get Baldwin. The injury news may allow you to get him at a discount.

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You dont think TY is set for a big year with Luck back? And Baldwins injury scares me a bit tbh.

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The injury news is scary as shit man. Don’t you listen to Andy, Jason or Mike? Stay away from him at the moment, unless you want to sabotage your team.

I listen, I just don’t agree. If they’re worried, so is the owner. I’m not saying go out and pay a lot, but if I can get him for $.50-.60 on the dollar, I’ll happily take that risk.

Have to wait another week minimum, as you don’t want to hear Surgery.

If I’m getting him at half price, I’m not waiting. I’ll happily take the risk. Your panic is my opportunity.

I love your depth at the position to be quite honest… Hilton is a risk but by all accounts Luck looks good (16 of 19 yesterday during scrimmage) and targeting Hilton a ton… if Luck is 80%, Hilton has WR1 written all over him.

Tate is a borderline WR1 in half point, and Juju, Cobb, and Amendola are solid WR3s

Crabtree is a crapshoot in Baltimore but he’s one of 4 players since 2012 to have 8+ TDs four times in that span - he should be a great bye week/flex play.

See if you can get Beckham. He’s been out for a while maybe people forgot how good he was.