Looking for a Trade

Hey Foot Clan! I’ve been listening to the podcast for years, but this is the first time I’ve posted on the forums so I hope this is the correct place! (The actual trade board seems to be members only)

Long story short I’m apart of a 1 person keeper PPR league (QB/2RB/3WR/TE/RWTFlex/D/K) where we’re able to trade draft picks (with certain limitations and exceptions of course). I’m currently 5-0 in our league and my team has been doing well, but obviously, I have some deficiencies that I’m trying to address with trades. My team is posted below:

QB1 - Matt Ryan
QB2 - Matt Stafford
RB1 - Melvin Gordon
RB2 - Christian McCaffredy
RB3 - Derrick Henry
RB4 - Jamaal Williams
WR1 - Tyreek Hill
WR2 - Stefon Diggs
WR3 - Michael Crabtree
WR4 - Kenny Stills
TE1 - George Kittle
TE2 - Evan Engram
D/ST1 - Carolina Panthers
D/ST2 - Los Angelos Chargers
K - Harrison Butker

I believe my greatest deficiency is in my WR3/Flex position. I’m hoping to trade one of my WR/RB 3/4 and a pick in next year’s draft for a top 15-20 WR. An example of this would be like trading Michael Crabtree and a 4th round pick in 2019 for JuJu Smith-Schuster. Of course this would potentially hinder my team in next year’s draft, but with the potential I have this season I think I’d like to increase my chances this year, even if it hurts next year!

I’m open to any and all advice so if you think I’d be better off going trading up for a RB then let me know! Looking forward to seeing what you have to say!