Looking for active Dynasty League

Hey FootClan!
I’m a long time fantasy player, but my current Dynasty League has been on the downhill for the last couple of years, so I’m in search of a new one! I’d really like either a very low buy in (25$ or lower) or completely free, so if anyone has any open spots or is starting a league up let me know! :+1:

Me too! Maybe we should start our own?

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Id be down to start one! If there’s more interest on this post I will look into making one on sleeper

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Count me in!

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I’m in as well. My sleeper name is samuelm21

What’s your sleeper name?

You can join this new dynasty league. A couple of the others here already joined too. Its a free one on the sleeper app.

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I’m in! Let me know which one

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4 Spots left

Free or buy in?

It’s free, I already @ you in your original post

I thought that was the same picture lol my bad

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Lol you’re good :joy:

Still have openings? Haven’t been in a dynasty league before but want to check it out!

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Username should be: skfore92

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Yep! We got one more spot, just give me your username and I’ll send you an invite

Any chance that spot is still open?

It’s the same as my username here. Capesius15

Hey just checking if that spot is still open. Capesius15 on sleeper if so

It’s full sorry!