***looking for active owner to take over orphan***

Please email me at steclaire@icloud.com if you are interested


League Bylaws and Scoring is as follows:
12 Dynasty Teams – 1 PT PPR
Owners need to be active the whole year. You are required to respond to every trade offer.
League Buy-in is $156 first year. The additional $50 will be due the week before the season starts. This will give us one year of league fees paid in advance. We will also have access to two future years of rookie picks.

-Starting Roster - 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1FLEX (RB,WR,TE), 1FLEX (RB,WR,TE) 1 DEF
-Total Roster Size is 25 Active Players + 5 Taxi Squad + 2 IR spots
-Must cut down from 30 to 25 Man Roster by 8/1


  • Each year the rookie draft will take place the Monday following the NFL draft via slow e-mail format and consist of 4 rounds
  • 6 hour draft timer
  • Timer suspended between 2AM - 7AM EST
  • Any rookie or free agent is eligible to be drafted.
  • Once a draft pick is made, that pick is final and official
  • Waivers and free agency will be closed during the draft. Owners will still have the ability to drop player(s) if needed, in order to make their draft selection

-Rookie picks 1.01 thru 1.06 will be determined by the lowest season (weeks 1-16) POTENTIAL/OPTIMAL POINTS (best ball setting)
-Taxi squad players do NOT count towards your potential points
-Rookie picks 1.07-1.12 will be determined by playoff results
-TANKING- I know some owners view it as a strategy, but this will not be allowed in the league
-Owners will be allowed to set whatever lineup they choose as long as they’re not starting inactive or bye week players


  • The six teams that do not advance to the playoffs will participate in the Toilet Bowl playoffs
  • The teams in the Toilet Bowl series will be seeded one through six based on total overall record, with the number one seed going to the team with the LEAST wins. Tiebreakers will be used if necessary (reference tiebreakers listed in ‘Playoff section’)
  • The top two seeds will receive a first round bye. The toilet bowl bracket will play out the same as the playoff bracket (winners advance to the next round), as well as reseeding after first round
  • The Toilet Bowl champion will receive a compensatory pick 1.13
  • The compensatory pick will be a tradable commodity

-We will use a IN-season FAAB budget consisting of $100 including $0 bids and also an OFF-season FAAB consisting of $100 including $0 bids (ties broke by 1st bid time)
-Off-season FAAB of $100 starts the first Wednesday after the Super Bowl @ 12pm EST and continues every week day until season starts, There will be an announcement of when the waivers start
-IN-season FAAB of $100 will start on 8/1 and processes Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday @ 12pm EST, Sunday it will run at 11 a.m.


-Passing Yards .04 points per yard;
-Passing Touchdowns 4
-Interceptions/ Fumble Lost -2
-2 Point Conversions 2

-Receptions 1pt
-Rushing Yards .1 Point per yard;
-Rushing Touchdowns 6
-Fumble Lost -2

-Receptions 1pt
-Receiving Yards .1 point per yard;
-Receiving Touchdowns 6
-Fumble Lost -2

-Receptions 1pt
-Receiving Yards .1 point per yard;
-Receiving Touchdowns 6
-Fumble Lost -2

-Sack 2
-Interception 2
-Fumble Recovery 2
-Touchdown 6
-Safety 2
-Block Kick 3
-Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns 6

  • Points Allowed 0 points 8
    -Points Allowed 1-6 points 6
    -Points Allowed 7-13 points 4
    -Points Allowed 14-20 points 2
    -Points Allowed 21-27 points 0
    -Points Allowed 28-34 points -2
    -Points Allowed 35+ points -4
    -4th Down Stops 2
    -Extra Point Returned 2

-After the Super Bowl we will have a one-week grace period where you can make changes to rookies on your taxi squad. After that all rookies will be considered veterans. You will no longer be able to place veterans on taxi squad. Also, once taxi squad locks all promoted players will not be able to be placed back onto taxi squad. You will also need to move any players on your IR back onto active roster. Once the week grace period ends I will roll the league over into the next year’s season.
-All Rosters swell to 30 man one week after grace period (additional 5 roster spots are added)
-$100 Offseason FAAB will reset after one week grace period, until 8/1
-Waivers running every day of the week @ 12 noon EST.
-$0 waiver wire bids allowed
-FAAB does not carry over from year to year

-Unlimited Trades (can trade draft picks)
-Trades will immediately process
-Trading FAAB dollars IS allowed
-Only clear collusion will be vetoed (bad or one-sided trades will not be considered for a veto)
-Trade deadline will be the Saturday before week 14 starts (trading will be suspended in fantasy playoffs only)

-Only ROOKIES can be on the Taxi Squad
-Once a player is demoted to the taxi squad, they can stay there until activated (even after their rookie season)
-New Rookies can be promoted and demoted to the taxi squad from 5/1 until 8/1 when the TS locks
-After 8/1 current Taxi Squad rookies can ONLY be promoted to main roster
-Rookies cannot be traded from one taxi squad to another
-Taxi Squad unlocks again on 5/1 for new rookie class
-We can vote if Taxi Squad will expand after each season

-Only players listed as IR via NFL can be on IR
-Suspended players cannot be on IR

-13 Week Regular Season
-3 Week Playoffs (Beginning Week 14)

-Top two seeds will get first round bye
-Next four teams with highest overall record will get remaining playoff spots
-Tie breaker will be overall record, points scored, head to head match up
-Lowest seed will play #3 seed
-After first round of playoffs there will be reseeding.
-We will vote on how to determine 5th-6th place (for rookie draft pick order)

-Fees Paid through LeagueSafe.Com with 51% league approval for winner payouts
-League dues of $106 is due by 3/1 each year
-We will always have one year paid in advance
-Owners that do not pay dues by 5/1 will have their rosters locked preventing any trades or FA pick-ups/drops

1ST - $700
2ND - $270
3RD - $100
Highest point total each week - $10 (weeks 1-13)
Highest weekly point total payouts will be paid out when other payouts are distributed


  • There will be no modifications to rules or settings during the inaugural year.
  • All proposed modifications to league rules and settings must be made during the offseason, but before the rookie draft.
  • Any proposed modifications or changes to league rules will be put to a league vote. A 75% vote for the modification or change will pass and will become effective during the next regular season.
  • Rule change proposals need to be initiated as follows (only during the offseason):
  1. A thread in the league the communication should be created presenting the current rule (if one exists), the proposed rule change (in the exact wording you want it stated in the bylaws), and a description of why the rule change is an improvement.
  2. Other owners should focus on replying with yes or no answers and explain why they do or do not support the rule change. The purpose of this is to have an open discussion on the proposed rule change and the benefits (or detriments) it may bring.
  3. If alternative ideas are brought up during this league discussion, then state the rule change as you would like to see it written in the bylaws and present your case.
  4. Any proposed rule change (both original and alternative) that seem to gain traction will be voted on.
  5. The proposed rule change that will be voted on will be presented as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. However, this may not always be possible. A NO vote is essentially keeping the bylaws as they are currently written. A YES means you want the proposed change.

• League scoring settings (unless it’s a small tweak that majority of league want to alter)
• Starting lineup configuration
• Trade approval process

-League handled through MyFantasyLeague.com
-Will use GroupMe to stay in touch year round
-Please check the message board for updates on the league
-Please also check for new polls when you login into the home page
-New Owners/Orphan teams - if an owner leaves the league, dues for the upcoming season, they will not be reimbursed. The commissioner will be in charge of finding a replacement owner (via FFballers,DLF.Dynasty Nerds forums)

I’ll take it

I replied to your email. still want the team? had another guy ask if its available but you said you were interested first.

Email me if this team is still available: Jeremy.falendysz@gmail.com. Thanks!

Sorry guys, spot has been filled.