Looking for advice on an upcoming league with a very interesting scoring format

The main concept of the league is that you get double points if you score out of position.

  • QB rushing or receiving 12 points
  • WR rushing or throwing 12 points
  • RB receiving or throwing 12 points

There are also yard bonuses

A rushing td or a receiving td or a td thrown gets a bonus of 3 if it’s between 10-39 yards and a bonus of 6 if it’s between 40-99 yards

For Example : Josh Allen runs for a 50 yard touch down. He gets 12 points for an out of position score + 6 points for the yard bonus + 5 points for the yards. The total comes out to 21 points for this specific play.

Did draft order last night and got pick 7.

If you have any tips or ideas on how to tackle this league to abuse the point system let me know! It’s a friends and family league but it’s a nice challenge due to the scoring.