Looking for advice on what i should do with my team

I am 1-2 . I am also the 3rd highest scorer. I have lost the first two weeks on the backs of starting doug baldwin and the saints week one and starting the saints and dan bailey week 2. I have tried moving most of my bench WRs and no one in my league really is biting. Just looking for any advice on my team.

10man PPR

Jay ajayi
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson

Quincy Enunwa
Larry Fitz
Doug B
Devin Funchess
John Brown
Mike williams


Streaming DEF for now i have the saints right now

Kicker Dan Bailey

First thing you need to do asap is get rid of the Saints defense. Especially in their matchup @ NYG.

Yea i streamed the browns week 3 and i won by .05 points lol thank god

You ought to have a much better week with Fournette and Ajayi actually playing now…you might consider starting Kerryon over Ajayi actually. Rough matchup for Ajayi at Titans and Kerryon as at GB which has a pretty lousy defense generally.

This league is a home league and only about half of the people are really knowledgeable about Fantasy. Also trading is not the easiest in this league.I have tried moving some WR but the only ones they have faith in are julio or hopkins.