Looking for advise

Need some help to figure out my flex position.
I have the below
Alfred Morris
Matt Brenda
Marlin mack
Ted gin

I am leaning towards Alfred Morris.
Please help I am playing against AJ green

out of those 4 it comes down to morris or “Brenda”

I lost fournette, I putting Brenda in for him. Since morris fumbled at thgoal like and couldn’t convert, I PRAY THEY LET BREIDA GOAL IT!!! lol

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Brenda lol

Gins got the biggest upside. If your needing to make a comeback, that’s your guy. If it’s close and you’ll need reliable points, go Morris. Hes a grinder and will Still get the goalline carries. With an easier defense.

I agree with Andrew: If you are looking for upside then Ginn is your guy. If you feel confident that the rest of your team will perform and are solely looking for a solid performance than Morris has a safer floor.

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yeah something the guy’s talked about on the show, was playing the match up’s but also evaluating the risk of floor vs ceiling. If you need a big ceiling play they I’d play Ginn maybe he breaks loose a few times and get 2 bombs for 17+ points. I see Alf and Brieda hovering around 10 pts and Mack… Not sure what we will get from Mack but probably not a boom day.

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Alfred morris

Thanks! I will most likely play Morris just to be safe. Below is the rest of my team.
Kennan Allen
S. Barkley
Ty Hilton
Jordan reed
Royce freeman: hoping he has a big game
Andrew luck

I might make up the points if I’m lucky🙂