Looking for an active dynasty!

I have played fantasy for about 12 years and am looking to get into dynasty for the first time. Looking for a startup with active p[layers and preferably a $50 plus buy-in. Slenard89 on sleeper if anyone has anything.

Hey there, some friends and I are starting a dynasty this season. We are looking to be 10 people in the league, right now we are 5. Sadly we got no buy in yet, since its our first dynasty season. Might introduce buy in, in the future tho. League will be on Sleeper, if you are ok with no buy-in, I can invite you to the league.

Thanks for the information. My experience with fantasy has always been that buy-ins keep people more engaged; that is the only reason I want one. Good luck with your league.

I need another owner for this league

Thank you for the information and invite. I have never done any auction drafts so I do not think I would be able to be as competitive here as I would like.

This would be my 3rd. It really isn’t that to intense and you pick it up pretty fast. The timer will be slow and about 24 players will be nominated at a time so you wont be rushed into hast decisions (like with a 90 sec timer). I do recommend trying it. Once you do, you probably will prefer it over snake.

I think that I would enjoy it, but I would like to have a few under my belt before jumping into a dynasty.

Ok. Just keep in mind auction formats/settings are usually different between redraft and dynasty.