Looking for an opening in a Dynasy League

I would liketo joina dynasty league if anyone has an open spot, just reply to this post if you do.

I have an open spot in a 10 team 1/2 ppr league if you’re still interested

Can I see the roster? Also, what’s the buy-in?

1 QB league, $10 buy-in, going into 3rd season

QB: Goff, Stafford, Big Ben

RB: Bell, Hyde, Ingram, Perine, Lewis, Howard, Ballage, Mattison, Ju. Jackson, Snell

WR: Adams, Chark, Westbrook, Boyd, Kirk, M. Turner, T. Smith, Doctson, J. Wright, Hardeman, Z. Jones, D. Cain, D. Moore (SEA), Reynolds, Cooks, J. Gordon, Harry

TE: Kittle, V. Davis, B. Jarwin

DST: Saints, Chargers

Pick 1.02, 2.02, 3.02, 4.02; all originally owned picks 2021, 2022

Are all of the guys active?

yeah, its competitive

Ok I’m interested, what site is it on?

it’s on sleeper. lmk if u have any more questions. if not, send me you email if you’re still interested

Hey is the spot still open?

I have some openings in a superflex dynasty startup. If any one is interested.

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I would be interested. What is the start up? Never been in a dynasty but have been an active fantasy football players for 15 years.

Since this is a new league we will have a startup draft much like you would at the beginning of each redraft year except You can keep all of your players each year and the only drafts for the future are the rookie drafts.
We have some newer guys in league already so if you are interested. I can get you the bylaws and link to the league.

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Yes please.

@darrin unfortunately the league is now full. I will reach out if we have any people drop out.

All good. Thank you for letting me know.

Is there any spots left in your league?

the opening i referenced above is now closed…thanks for the interest