Looking for an owner SF league, mid draft

So I just had someone drop out mid draft. It’s a 12 team SF/TE Premium league. $50 entry fee to leaguesafe. Current Roster is CMC, Wilson, CEH, Calvin Ridley, Daniel Jones, Todd Gurley, Darren Waller, Tyler Boyd, TY Hilton, Gardner Minshew, Curtis Samuel, and Gronk.

The draft is currently paused and is on pick 13.10. Remaining picks for this draft are: 15.02, 17.02, 17.04, 19.02, 20.11, 21.02, 21.04, 22.11, 23.02, 24.11, and 25.02. All future draft picks are still available

Once someone joins and pays up the draft will then resume.