Looking for an Upgrade

I’m 7-1 right now in my standard league, looking good but I think I need an upgrade before playoffs. My team is:
QBs: Watson, Cousins
RBs: Howard, McCoy, McCaffrey, Duke Johnson, Woodhead
WRs: Diggs, Hopkins, Fitzgerald, Marvin Jones
TEs: Hunter Henry, Greg Olsen
K: Zuerlein
D: Kansas City
Any suggestions?

I would try to move Cousins and an RB for a better WR.

only thing i might suggest is turning 2 or 3 of your RB’s into a higher RB1 to go with Mccoy.

but that’s just being nitpicky.

I don’t really think you need to change anything

Thanks guys! I was thinking about looking for a team that needs a QB and trading Cousins and maybe McCaffrey for a good WR, that guy is only giving points in PPR leagues but with the K. Benjamin trade I don’t know.