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Looking for another competitive ppr league - .5 or full point


I’m new to the boards and I need a league!! Let me know if you have any opening.


Full point PPR - IDP with three spots open. I’ll tag you in my original post.


I have two .5ppr leagues returning from last season with few spots open
$20 & $25 entry.

Send me an email marc_ranallo@hotmail.com for more info if interested


i have a 2-qb full point ppr league


Got 2 slots open in that for me and a buddy?


yes $50 entry fee pay out - 1st=$300, 2nd=$200, 3rd=$100 need emails to send invites





can i get names and phone numbers also


hey need you to join up with invite that was sent


invite sent please join up


Hey Michael Emanuel.

Still got spots open? How many person league is this? 50 $ buy in, right?
I’m interested. edeal23@yahoo.com, Eddie the "Real Deal"
I commission a few leagues myself, but also join on line public leagues through ESPN, NFL and Yahoo but always up for more competition. Send me info. or a link to join and how the buy in is required. Thanks.


Hey Marky8,

Whats up? I might be interested in this league. Send me an e-mail to join if you are looking for quality Fantasy Manager. edeal23@yahoo.com

How many ppl are in this league? 20 and 25$ entry, correct? in total $55 ?? How does that work and how is the money preferred to be sent / rec’d?


Hey @edeal ,

We use LeagueSafe for collecting payments and distributing payouts.

If you’d like send me an email marc_ranallo@hotmail.com and I will be able to forward all the details.


Ok invite sent it is a $50 buy in bit may be dropping to $25 because few said it may be to high to joined league is on ESPN 2qb full point PPR 1st place -60%, 2nd place -30%, 3rd place -10%, once you join you can see rest of rules


I think I missed this or it got deleted.? Sorry Michael, can you resend it? Not crazy about the 2 QB , but always up for a challenge. Whens the draft?

I’ll pay closer attention to it this time.


Eddie *:slight_smile: happy


Hey need u guys to sign in with invite sent last week