Looking for commissioner assistance

Hey guys and girls,

So I’m having an issue this year. I’m a commissioner in my family and friends keeper league. We’re only on our 3rd year. Issue is this, I’m shipping out with the Army this year over the entire football season and just simply won’t have access to the internet the majority of the time. Due to this I’m looking for someone to help me out by taking over the commissioner position in this league for me this year.
It’s super easy, not a very active league, hardly any trades happen and literally didn’t have a single issue come up last year. The worst thing that happened is that in the first year something people got upset about what they thought was collusion. Also, last year we had two players who consistently didn’t set their line-ups but this year they’ve been replaced.
Mostly I just need to have someone who can log in and check to make certain everything is ok, send group messages out to remind people about setting line-ups, etc super relaxed.

Thanks for your consideration,


Hope you got the help man! I joined the Footclan too late…