Looking for dedicated owners. 10 team superflex redraft ($50, Yahoo)

Hey all. I’m looking for super dedicated and active owners who would be interested in joining a 10 team superflex redraft league. I’m not looking for people who are in tons of leagues that won’t be active with regards to trading and communication. I’m looking for people who love trying to make trades, and people that will actually make the league feel fun. No need to apply if you’re someone who just joins a league and then forgets about it.

If you’ve never been in a superflex league or you’re not familiar with a superflex league, it’s similar to a start 2 QB league, but with more flexibility on who you can start. Not to mention the superflex spot (instead of a second QB spot) gives you more options in case you have a QB injury or simply decide to go with a RB/WR/TE who has more upside for a week. They also balance the QB spot with WR and RB so it’s not only about RBs and WRs. And since QBs have more value, it becomes easier to make trades happen. They are a lot of fun if you’ve never been in one and I highly recommend them!

With all of that said, here are most of the details of the league…

League site: Yahoo
Owners: 10 team redraft
Draft date: Saturday, September 2 @ 2 PM EST (snake draft)
Roster: QB-(3)WR-(2)RB-TE-Flex-Superflex-DST-(6)Bench-IR (no kicker)
Scoring: PPR, 4 pt passing TD, everything else is basically standard
Waivers: FAAB $200 budget
Scheduling: 14 week regular season, Head 2 Head matchups
Playoffs: 4 teams, weeks 15, 16
Trades: Commissioner approval (never vetoed a trade in 6 years and 15 leagues)
Entry fee: $50 via leaguesafe
Payouts: 1st- $290, 2nd- $100, most total points regular season- $120

If you’d like to join, please either reply to this topic with your email, or contact me at bradshelly1@yahoo.com letting me know you are interested in joining. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Serious inquiries only please!

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7 spots still available.

I’m interested. I only play a few leagues, one is work and one is family, so this would be my serious money league. Love the format. smjewell.bkn@gmail.com.


I am interested. thomasgromek@yahoo.com

  • Tom

4 spots left.

3 spots available.

I have 2 spots left. As soon as the 10th owner joins, I will post the leaguesafe.

Just two more! Let’s get it done!

I just need one more owner.

League is full as of now.

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