Looking for draft feedback!

10 team .5 ppr, #6 pick
QB - Goff (11th RD)/Lamar Jackson (12th RD)
RB - Nick Chubb (2nd RD)
RB - Damien Williams (3rd RD)
WR - Davante Adams (1st RD)
WR - Robert Woods (5th RD)
TE - Engram (7th RD)
Flex - Josh Jacobs (4th RD)/AJ Green (6th RD)
I got very lucky that Woods came back to me in the 5th because I considered taking him in the 4th but went Jacobs!

It’s a good set of starters. I’m weary of Engram, but in a 10 team league, you should be able to stream if the rails fall off. Do you need to roster 2 QBs? Assuming it’s a 1QB, 4pt passing TD league, I’d consider dropping Goff (or trading him if you have people in your league who would trade for a QB) to pick up an upside RB like J. Jackson, T. Pollard, or D. Thompson.

Curious to know what your bench looks like because you have a lot of second half of the year liability at RB, and no guarantee Green makes an effective return.

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It’s not a two QB league but since I drafted one so late and I like the two of them so much, I went back to back with Goff and Lamar. I actually happened to draft Darwin Thompson as a cuff to Damien in the 13th round. My bench consists of
Goff/Lamar Jackson
AJ Green
Alshon Jeffery
Duke Johnson
Darrell Henderson
Darwin Thompson

and yes it’s a 4-point passing TD league

Yea, I’d take a look at what is left on the waiver wire for QBs post-draft (and account for the Luck owner picking up one or two, if applicable). If the pool of QBs on waivers looks serviceable, I’d try to find an upside bench stash for the remainder of the preseason.