Looking for dynasty league preferably free league

Long time fantasy player, looking to try my hand at dynasty. Let me know if your starting a league up

I’m looking to fill a free dynasty league on NFLcom we have a couple spots left. Draft date will be decided on when we fill the league - aiming for August to draft.

12 teams
38 man rosters - keep as many as you want each year
.5 PPR
Custom IDP scoring (puts defense on par with offense)
Randomized Snake Draft (predraft trading of picks allowed)
WAB used for Free Agents during season
5 round slow rookie draft starting year 2
Google Docs to save info
Team names based on video game universes (e.g. Onett Meteorites, Hyrule Bombers, Junkertown Hogs)

I’m looking for a free dynasty league as well are there still any openings?