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Looking for dynasty league


looking for a dynasty league who needs a dedicated player. Always active!



Trying to keep a 4th year League alive!
Currently on MFL. Lost 6 owners and have 3 non-responders, (who always return at last minute) including the “Temporary Commish” who will respond if i can get at least 6 owners to commit.

12-Team, 1-PPR, IDP
30 Roster spots, 3 Taxi, 3 IR/Sus.
Cut down Roster to 23 + 3 Taxi prior to 7 Rd Rookie/FA long running email draft. Which we can begin as soon as we get setup.

1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex (RB,WR,TE), 1K, 1Def/ST (ret yds & TD only) 2DL, 2LB, 2DB, 1Flex (DL,LB,CB).

If you have an MFL account:
Gulf Gate Dynasty League (2016)
Available Teams:
-Dawg pound
-Hired assassins
-Melody marauders
-Raccoon mafia
-SF ruffians

If you cant access rosters, I have them and the draft setup on Google sheet. Send me an email (JoeTellez52@yahoo.com) if you are interested.


Thanks! What’s the entry fee?


I was able to get on and take a look-- how will you be handling the new
comers? Would I be taking over a current team, or is there a start up draft
for the new players that includes all the available team’s players?

Thanks again, Jonathan


Good morning,
Taking over a Team is first priority. If you commit to league. IIl let you know what pick you would have out of 6 teams available, once teams are allocated, dispersal would then be an option. Our league bylaws allow dispersals every off-season for teams that would choose to participate. Roster and Draft picks would be dumped into pool prior to Rookie/FA draft.
Available teams:
-Dawg pound
-Hired assassins
-Melody marauders
-Raccoon mafia
-SF ruffians
Fees were never voted on as this will be first time we have Registration Fee. Our commish was looking for 2 year commit, and prize will be open for discussion. So for commitment at most $15 for 2 year registration. Prize money & site graphics (~$7/year per owner, not necessary, but looks great) can be voted on once we have 12. I personally, would like to keep it between 30-60 a year, that would include small prize. Let me know what you think.