Looking for Dynasty Spots

Hello everyone. I’ve been playing fantasy football for a while, but I’ve never played dynasty, and I am really interested in giving it a shot. I am looking for either a brand new startup league to join or an established league with an open spot available. Im open to any type of league as far as scoring, roster, etc. are concerned. My only request is that there are no dues I’d need to pay. I don’t have the extra money I’d need to be able to afford league dues. I promise you that I will be a dedicated and active owner, and I will always set my lineups and not abandon my team. I hope to hear from you if you have a league I could join.

Shoot me your email and I can add you to the waiting list for the league I’m starting.

Hey man, you mind throwing me on that waiting list? gtwill@gmail.com


Let me know if an opening comes up. Thanks.