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Looking for feedback on a Keeper League


Looking for advice. I am in a competitive 12 person keeper league which uses a flex roster. In the league you can keep any player above the 3rd round, and than you forfeit that round for the player you keep. Every year you keep a player, they move up one round until they become a 3rd rounder, and than they go back into the draft pool. I am the 5th overall pick this year. Is it worth passing on a Jones, Beckham, type of WR if the top 3 rbs are drafted ahead of me, and drafting a RB at the 5th spot? In the league, Gurley, Freeman, Crowell, Gordon and Derrik Henry are already being used as keepers. As hard as it would be to pass on an elite WR, I am worried that by the time the draft comes back to me, there will be no serviceable number #1 rbs to draft. I am keeping Travis Kelce in the 6th round.

Thanks for any advice.


Did you already select Kelce or do you still have time to decide?


Have time, Draft is a couple of weeks out yet, but he is only the good keeper I have past the 3rd round from last year.


Who else do you have a choice for because Kelce for a 6th might not be the best value. It would be hard to pass on Julio or Odb no matter what unless you take McCoy, but I would rather go with Odb and just start stock piling RB’s


No real options other than Newton in the 10th. Figure Kelce ADP is a 4th rounder so I will lock up my TE position right away. I will probably draft Jones or ODB and hope to find some serviceable RB’s throughout the draft. Thanks for the advice