Looking for Female Fantasy football Writers for a paying gig!

Hi All,

My company was just contracted to write fantasy football articles. The client would like a few to be written by women to attract more of an audience. So in-turn I’m looking for a female writer or two to write a few articles on fantasy topics of their choice. If you’re interested please email me at george@blitzalytics.com.

Thank you!!!

Not to be negative or anything, but your website could use a lot of work. Would help in the long run to attract business and talent if your site doesn’t look amateurish.

  • Home page doesn’t load properly, formatting is all wonky. Just shows Rankings headers but no actual rankings. See more… displays but no way to see more.
  • The About section is full of information about the team, whereas the Team section is blank. About section usually has information about the company and the product, the Team section would have employee information. Also, the Customer Support section is blank.
  • Dashboard does not show any player names, making it very hard to use. Also, no matter who you click on it shows Nick Chubbs information.
  • None of the keywords in the footer are clickable. So no way to access Archives, About Us, Contact Us, Advertisements, Terms and Conditions.
  • Copyright is spelled wrong. “Copywrite Blitzalytics.com 2018”

I am a software QA Analyst, so things like this jump out to me. Like I said, not trying to be negative or rude, but a website like this and your one and only post being a solicitation from females to write an article make you come across as very shady.


The Website is not ready yet. But thank you!

@FantasyFootballDad. I was glad to see your post on this. I, too, had a very uneasy initial feeling when I first read that post. I apologize to @George_Anastasios and truly don’t mean to sound offensive if this is all on the up and up, but unfortunately I couldn’t agree more with @FantasyFootballDad in that the whole thing just comes across as a little hoaky. Especially since it entails the women sending you their email address. Again, please forgive me if I’m entirely off base here.

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