Looking for for Feedback on a Trade

So we’re entering year 2 of a 12 man standard Keeper league… I finished 2nd last year. Up to 3 keepers per team at a +1 round penalty from last year and keeping FAs cost at least an 8th rounder.

Ive got Melvin Gordon for a 4th
Russel Wilson, Ty Montgomery, and Jameson Crowder all available for an 8th

Ive offered the Mike Evans owner Wilson + a 5th round pick… he’s asking for a 3rd… and is willing to give me at least a 5th in return.

So thats Wilson + 3.11

for Evans + 5.6

Evans would be my 1.11 keeper… +Gordon at 4.2… and i’m left deciding between Montgomery and Crowder for the 8th round keeper

Am I giving up too much by sending the 3rd round pick?

no not at all. you are giving up a player whos numbers you can match by picking a guy up off of waivers, and a 3rd. so do you think evans is worth a 3rd rounder? i sure as hell think so lol. plus you get a 5th back as well. this is a slam dunk for you all around. pull that trigger before he realizes his mistakes!!

I totally agree with BusterD, and I think their is a real possiblity that you could keep Crowder with the 8th and grab Cousins even a little early and you get a QB right on par with Wilson plus double points for Crowder and Cousins.

Fucking a… i need to trust my gut, thanks man!

Where are you on Monty v. Crowder? I’m leaning Monty simply because of the fact its an 8th round keeper, so if he’s surpassed by one of the rookies by midseason I won’t be losing out on too much.

I think you answered that already