Looking for high upside start/sit help, please!

So I’m in a 12 team .5 PPR league that I’m currently 1-4 in. Every week teams seems to be throwing up an average of 150+ points. This week i’m streaming Kirk Cousins at QB and Vance McDonald is my TE.

I need two RB, two WR, and 1 Flex: I’m looking for high upside.

I have Deandre Hopkins, Cooper Kupp, Terry McLaurin, Alshon Jeffrey , Mecole Hardman: Chris Carson, Aaron Jones, Kerryon Johnson, Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman. Also have O.J. Howard.

My thoughts are Hopkins and Kupp for my two WR. For my two RB’s Carson, Jones, and Johnson have great match ups but I don’t know which and I really like McLaurin for my flex. I think I’m just throwing darts and I’m hoping, but looking for input to help me get my second win of the season!!!

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Hey bro😊 wow, 1-4. I’ve been there alot. That’s rough.

Well, for context, you said you want upside. And going by that, I’d agree with where you’re leaning; mostly.

Hop n Kupp. High upside? Set. Ok.

Carson: check
Love Jones obviously. I’m starting him too. How can you not. But something to consider. Lions DEF was no joke against Mahomey. If they can lock down the WR, they may pin their ears back. But a really, fluid powerful back on a team that knows how to use him. And we share the same last name, lol. May actually be a curse.

Now, flex. I disagree here only because you’re looking for super upside because you’re super desperate. Understandably.

If you just needed something to hang your hat on for a TD or maybe a few yards, sure maclauren is safe.
But one of the 49r boys could snag you RB1/2 numbers at the FLEX. Granted they’ve taken some hits to the run blocking with injuries. But they’ve had time and it could lend itself to Coleman’s power run game.

Callahan basically said the gameplan- was going to be a West coast offense featuring the run. Short high percentage, some play action. Maybe Maclauren capitalizes. Who knows what you get from this offense. So much instability on that team

I know I can’t solve your problem, but I hope I gave you some helpful things to let you make up your own mind and get the win this week. Good luck brother! :muscle:

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Hey thanks for the reply!! I appreciate the advice

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