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Looking for Keeper help


.5 ppr, 2rb, 3WR, 1flex
10 yrds / pt both rush and rec

I get to keep 3 players, in the round they were drafted in. Can ONLY keep for 1 year though.

Options are

Ameer Abdullah - round 8
Tyler Eifert - Round 13
Tyreek Hill - Round 16 (undrafted)
Paul Perkins - Round 16 (undrafted)
Tyrell Williams - Round 16 (undrafted)

my initial thought was Williams, Hill, Eifert.
My only concern is that RBs are scarce since probably half the top 20 will be other peoples keepers.
I dont know that Abdullah is a great value in the 8th, and idk about perkins overall.

thoughts? appreciate it


I’m loving Hill in the 16th, that’s fantastic value. I’m a big fan of Eifert, that’s also pretty decent value (depending on the size of the league). The 3rd is up in the air, I’m indifferent to the others.


I think your gut is right. For sure, Hill and Eifert are no-brainers. But if you want to take Abdullah instead of Williams, you probably have better balance.