Looking For Keeper League like the fantasy footballers!

New to fantasy football. Looking for a keeper league that mimics the keeper league the footballers have. Ok to join a paid league and very active owner!


I’m in if you find one or want to start one

I’ll second that, I’m in for one too

I’m in as well if you start a league

Same here!!

If ur on sleeper I have one send comment with ur sleeper handle

@BossHog2020 whats ur sleeper handle ?

@Kimpagroondaloony whats ur sleeper handle


@tex0051 if there’s still spots

Are there still spots?

I am in if you are drafting in August/early September. My sleeper handle is: TeamFalcoholic

im in also. Sleeper - AGB1021

What’s ur sleeper handle

@AGB @WebFiji messaged u on sleeper

If there are still spots ianwtanner is my sleeper handle

I’d love to be a part of it if there’s still any spots! Username: RunJordyRun87

I have 2 leagues that are both 5 keeper leagues. I am looking for a couple more owners. We can even do the draft on zoom.