Looking for keepers

Long story short my fantasy year went sideways. I traded away my best players(Kelce and Juju) for picks next year and now need to look at figuring out keepers for next year. I have am thinking of picking up a few players that are on IR so that come next year I have better keeper potentials. Keepers don’t get set until 1-2 weeks before 2019 regular season starts. It’s an ESPN .5 PPR league. 2 keepers and they are you 1st and 2nd draft picks.

The best players I have are Howard (who’s is having a terrible tear and was my 3rd round pick, FML), Baldwin and Thompson.

I’m looking at the IR and wondering if I should be picking up Kupp, Bryant, Fuller, Guice, Ajayi, Freeman, or McKinnon.

Any thoughts on this tactic and who you would consider?