Looking for last minute members!

Hoping to draft tonight, found this on leaguesafe

Im interested, do you have a link to the actual fantasy league? email is jaredmn38@gmail.com

No just the classified, I’ve been emailing with the commish. I just joined a little while ago and shared here to get some other people in hopefully
.5 ppr 10 team, maybe 8 if it doesn’t fill.

does classified mean that I need to pay before I get access to the league? Also, what time they thinking of drafting?

It brings you to the leaguesafe league page with league info. Yeah I believe so, that’s how the other leagues I’ve joined have gone

Just paid, do you know where the league info is at? Also is the draft tonight?

How much is the buy in?

All I know is it’s espn .5 ppr. If the league gets enough members soon he said we would draft tonight

Says $25. I’m not commish, I just joined a little while ago, shared on here to hopefully fill it to draft tonight

Commissioner’s email laux612@aol.com

Just got the invite from him, you should get it shortly. Shoot him an email

Looks like there’s 6 so far, need at least 2 more to draft tonight otherwise he said tomorrow morning before the games start

If ya need one let me know.

We need at least two more, once you pay, theres a link to the league that is sent.

Looks like as of right now we only have 6 total. Join in!

Signed up - – hoping for 10

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If we get one more we’ll have 10 for an early draft tomorrow