Looking for league mates!

Hey Guys,

We’ve got a core of 5 blokes from Brisbane who have been playing fantasy football together for a few years with others than know nothing about football - we’re looking for another 5 players (preferably Aussie based) to join and play year on year - keen to see who wants a new league!
.5 PPR with reduced kicker points

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Bonjour! I’m not an Aussie but would love to join anyway! majed2012.mao@gmail.com

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Hey! I’d be interested in joining this league as well! Always looking for some foot clan friends!
My sleeper username is ObijonKenobiz
Even if it’s full, let’s start a new one!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll keep an eye out for an invite!

Hey, im based in Sydney, add me on sleeper @lazymatt84, i’d be keen to join!