Looking For League (Prefer Sleeper)

Looking for a league!

Anything half PPR

Open to dynasty, keepers, redraft, etc.

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Hey Man, I got a sleeper Dynasty League on Sleeper that’s drafting tonight. Need someone. If interested, let me know.

This isnt a sleeper league, its on myfantasyleague platform. Very unique format and super fun. Check it out, see what you thinks. Honestly my favorite league and i play a ton of fantasy

The Survivor Fantasy Championship 2021

This will be the 6th year I have been running the best league in fantasy football! It started small and grows every year. Last year we had 49 players for the season long league and added a playoff league which had 62 players. This season promises to have the largest number of players which means more money to be won, more places paid out, and there will be a prize for the highest scoring week of the year as well.

The Survivor Fantasy Championship is an 18 Week 1 Pt (full point) PPR tournament where each week (week 1 -18) you set your line up of:

1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Flex (RB,WR, or TE) 1 Def 1 Kicker

(see links below for official scoring rules and league settings)

There is no salary cap, no draft, no weekly waivers, no head to head weekly match ups( where you score the 2ndhighest point for the week and still loseEmoji), and NO INJURED PLAYERS THAT RUIN YOUR FANTASY SEASON! (Cam Akers☹) With the covid possibilities that still exist to take out players for who knows how long, this league allows you never to be hurt by that.

Each week you choose your line up using the entire NFL as your roster. Each player (entrant) has the same roster to choose from, the entire NFL. The twist is that you can start each player only 1 time all year. That’s 18 different Qb’s, at least 36 different RB’s and WR’s. You get the idea. It’s all about picking the right match ups to get the most points from the guys you choose while going up against everyone else in the league. A Player is locked in once their game starts, until then you are able to change your line ups as much as you like, or may need to due to injury, covid, or other. Points are added cumulatively thru week 18 of the NFL season and the top players receive $$$

Last Year we paid out the top 10 teams. This year we will pay out the top 12 teams and 100$ to the team that has the highest scoring week during the season. Final payouts will be determined by the number of players (entrants). This league will pay out 99% of the entry fee, the league costs 50$ to operate on myfantasyleague.com. In years past I have paid this fee out of my own pocket, that is no more. More players, more money paid out simple as that. Top 12 will be based off of a %. I pay out the day after the conclusion of week 18 which will be Jan 10th 2022
Here are last year winners:
1st 420$ David Loy Song

2nd 270$ Mike Peplinski

3rd 180$ Eric Lombard

4th 150$ Jason Hinkemeyer

5th 100$ Rob McCorkle

6th 100$ Jeremy Hogan

7th 75$ Dan Hammil

8th 75$ Buck Buckman

9th 50$ Dylan Ayres

10th 50$ Chris Leivermann

Its 30$ for a team and you are only allowed one team per email address. I take payments thru paypal, and venmo. Sending money thru paypal if you do it correctly and send it to me as a friend, then no charge is taken out. Once payment is received you will receive an invite to the league thru myfantasyleague.com. In order to receive the invite the email address for each team needs to be included with payment. Once you receive the invite from myfantasyleague.com if you already have an account with MFL you will simply need to follow the instructions and link with the league. If you are new, then you will simply have to create and account and then link up. Instructions are in the email, but if any problems arise simply email me and we will get it taken care of. Your invite on the same day that you pay within no more than a few hours, so long as not beyond 9 pm central. Those invites will get sent off the next morning. Early to rise early to bed for this feller.
Paypal search leddy_ben_jamin@yahoo.com

Venmo search @Benjamin-Leddy (capitols are important)

The league is run thru Myfantasyleague.com which is a great site to run leagues thru, in my humble opinion. You will not be getting your mailbox filled with emails from me (the commish) on a daily/weekly basis. Everything from standings to history of players picked can be found on the Myfantasyleague.com page. There is an app to use for the season, MFL Platinum, you can submit your line ups thru it on the I phone. Those with an android, the app has not been successful and unless changes have been made by MFL, you are resigned to submit your line ups on a computer. It is possible to use the MFL site on your phone, but it’s a large screen on a small phone screen, it does take a bit to get used to. Having the screen horizontal is very much helpful. It’s hard for a large page to be 100% mobile friendly. It is recommended to submit your line ups on a computer/desk top. Again, you are able to submit line ups on the app, but only on the MFL Platinum app and submitting line ups is very doable on the MFL site, its not 100% mobile friendly, there is some side scrolling to be done but after a bit its very easy to get an understanding of how to work it and setting line ups/changing line ups can be accomplished there.

Here is a link for the official scoring


Here is a link for league settings/rules


If this is something that interests you then I strongly encourage you to play, honestly it’s my favorite league that I play in and I play a lot of fantasy football. I say it’s the most fun in fantasy you will have, and it’s the best deal, 30$ for 18 weeks of fantasy, heck yeah!

As this is a homegrown league its all word of mouth so inviting friends and to play as well is most encouraged! Simply forward the email to people who you think would enjoy this unique and fun format. The more players the more money to be paid out. Registration closes Wednesday September 8th, 2021.

That’s about it. Feel free to ask any questions there @ leddy_ben_jamin@yahoo.com.

Thanks so much for your time

Benjamin Leddy

What time is the draft?

5pm EST is the draft