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Looking for League



I’m looking for a 10 or 12 team league to join for the long term. Whether its a keeper startup or redraft doesn’t really matter, just want an active group. Prefer a pay league because it tends to keep people active an prevent shenanigans. Either hit me up on here or you can email me at jafontenot@gmail.com. Thanks!



Considering you are a Cardinals fan I would love you have a fellow bird gang in my league. 10 man .5 PPR league. ESPN and $30 buy in. Gonna be the ballers preferred scoring and the FAAB is $250. Would love to have you in the league just let me know!


I’m starting up a 12 team league
2 keeper
Fantasy footballers league of records rules


Please send me the info. jafontenot@gmail.com


Send me the deets! Bird gang for life! jafontenot@gmail.com


It is 10 man ESPN .5PPR. It is a redraft league with the ballers preferred scoring. 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 FLEX 1 TE 1 D 1 KICKER and 5 bench spot. Buy in is $30 and we will be communicating through group me. I will send you the league invite and the invite to the group chat when you download the app. Just let know on here when you do.