Looking for leagues with 2 openings

My brother and I are looking for a league with 2 openings. We prefer 12 team PPR and are hoping to draft next weekend. We’re pretty experienced, me having played since 2010, and him having played since 2014. Platform doesn’t matter, we usually use ESPN and Yahoo but I would love to try Sleeper.

I got some openings in 12 team PPR redraft my sleeper is fantasyginger that’s the platform it will be on

Sweet. When would your draft be?

Once the league is full we will all figure out a draft time that works for everyone preferable either next Saturday or Sunday

Are you interested in money leagues or free ones? Both?

Sounds good. I’m interested in money leagues but I don’t think my brother is

I have a free one with 6 players right now dont have an open money one yet but if someone drops out before the draft I can fill you in there. you both can join up for the free if you want

Cool have you setup a sleeper account yet?

Yeah I got one. SirVino. I’ll have my bro sign up

Got exactly two spots left does tomorrow night at 4pm PT work for a draft?

Just sent a request

Yeah that works for both of us