Looking for Leagues

I know this should probably be posted within the Community/League finder area, but for some reason, it won’t let me make a post there. (If anyone knows why, I’d love to know, since I need that the most.

Anyway. I’m an FF addict who doesn’t take it too seriously.
I’ll do keeper or year to year, auction or snake, superflex, etc.
I don’t love leagues with TONS of random rules.
I pay immediately and I do like trading.

Hire me for your next Fantasy Football extravaganza!!!

I also like putting up some winnings for charity too - if anyone likes that idea. Reach out - Hopeful to find 5 to 10 new leagues who are FootFolk.


how much would the entry fee be?

I’m also looking for leagues - anywhere between $10 and $100 entry fee is fine with me.

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