Looking for more members for a TTRPG vibe league

Looking for some players for a league that values the honor of the game over silly money bets.

This league is ultimate in Fantasy skill, having to deal with a luck factor of 99. Need some good-natured people cause this league will make you tilt.

1st 4 rounds of draft are Riddle picks.
Bench spots based on Dow Jones.
Single-use Assassination/duel/rumble attempts

Score changes based on theme week every week.

Flex wheel spun every week to decide what is allowed in the flex.

Full list of rules listed at this website. Triple FFF - Theme of the Week

Interested? let me know! Become a real Fantasy god.

Why don’t you just get a bunch of guys to each put $10 in a bucket and draw cards for it?

I think you missed the part where there is no money involved.

But if you don’t like games you can continue on and not be negative instead of attempting to shame others. It’s a Fantasy Football forum, its all silly nonsense.

Fine, then make it $10 in Monopoly money.

Hey man. I understand you think this is clever or whatever. But just go do something else. You are taking this way too seriously.

Don’t let that ego of yours get too wild in a forum where people play fantasy football.

That’s the problem with axually being the best; sometimes simple self-esteem can take on the illusion of arrogance.



You are clearly unfamiliar with the whole Axe Elf idiom… axually… Axe me a question… piece of the axion… etc.

Fortunately it’s only my great humility that makes me better than everyone else.

Yea man. I was making fun of you, sorry I have to point that out. I also get the Elf role play. Kinda weird to force it on others, but it’s fine. The whole idea of Fey-supremacy is really old hat and comes off unfavorably, but it’s what some people learned playing D&D 25 years ago and can’t let it go.

I want to apologize to you, that you do not like how my friends and I have fun. It seems like a weird take from someone who seems to roleplay at all times as an axe-wielding elf, but maybe just take the hint and let someone who may take pleasure in what I have created.

Grognards don’t have to be stuck-up gatekeepers, just walk away from your post dude. No one is keeping you there.

I accept your apology.

Just don’t let it happen again.

Yea. I saw you’ve been trying to get this Axe Elf off the ground since I was in middle school.

Tell me how does the “Fantasy Football Super Heroes League” you were attempting to start work?

The gimmick is that each week, owners would have the option to choose to apply one of the following Super Powers to their game. Only one Super Power per team per week may be used, and each Super Power may be used only once by each team over the course of the season. There are 20 Super Powers in all (3 more than there are weeks of play):

Home Planet Advantage - Adds 10 points to your overall team score (may only be used during a home game).

Super Strength - Double one of your own players’ scores.

Super Speed - One of your own players will get credit for twice their actual rushing/receiving yardage.

Big Arm - Adds 10 yards to every completion by your QB.

Big Leg - Adds 30 yards to every FG made by your Kicker.

Big TDs - Every player (including D/ST) on your team will receive 2 additional points for every TD they score–so TDs are essentially 8 points.

Time Travel - Use a score from a specified previous week for one of your own players (can even be used on an injured or bye week player).

Healing - Start an injured (or bye week) player and receive the average of that player’s scores for all previous games in which he played.

Shape Shift - Start a player at a different position (start a RB as your TE, for instance).

Doppleganger - Start the same player in two slots (RB or WR only, since they are the only positions with multiple starting slots).

Parallel Universe - Start 2 players of the same position in 1 starting slot (essentially giving your team an extra starter).

Imitation - Substitute one of an opponent’s players’ scores for one of your own players’ scores.

Triple-Double - When you and an opponent are starting the same player, you and your opponent will each get a triple serving of that player’s points. (It won’t help you win a game, but it will give you–and your opponent–a total points boost.)

Omniscience - Receive points for your best possible lineup out of all the players on your team, starters and bench (“best-ball” lineup).

Subterfuge - Replace one of an opponents’ starting players with a player of the same position on their bench (may NOT be used to start an opponent’s injured or bye week players).

Impotence - Makes one of an opponents’ players score zero points (even if they are using a superpower on that player).

Iron Shield - Reduces your opponent’s overall team score by 10%.

Impenetrable Fortress - Doubles your Defense/Special Teams points.

Negation - Cancels whatever Super Power is played by your opponent.

Power Grab - Use one of your opponent’s remaining powers, even if you have already used that power yourself.

And of course all the teams would have to have Superhero names. There would be two conferences of 12 teams each (the Avengers and the Justice League), with each conference having its own draft pool (that’s how you could be starting the same player as your interconference opponent). All games would be interconference games–tilts between a Justice League superhero, and an Avenger. Playoffs would be a multi-week Battle Royale, with the lowest-scoring teams eliminated each week until a Champion is crowned.

Seems funny you’d be so negative about the ideas represented in the league I have made with these ideas. That said yours are not invented to add narrative or drama to the league, just attempts to min-max chances of winning.

But I guess these things don’t really seem like games to you.

Negative? I thought I was offering constructive suggestions.