Looking for new/beginner Sf dynasty players Now!

Hello All!!!
I am looking to startup a dynasty league. I want this league to be for people new to dynasty like myself (or with 0-2 years experience). This is my Second year doing dynasty and i think it would be fun to introduce some newbies to dynasty.
League would be: 1QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 SF, 15 BENCH, 5 TAXI.
12-Team, 0.5 ppr:
$50 buy-in (Must deposit every year in which you trade a draft pick).
Funding will be Handled on Leaguesafe:

If interested comment with email, years of dynasty and sleeperID:


I’m interested. I don’t have any Dynasty experience. My email is eplea@hotmail.com.
My Sleeper ID is eplea18.

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Also interested. Coreow on sleeper. Would be my first dynasty league

I’m interested! I have 0 years of dynasty experience but have always wanted to try!

My email is: rollforeverreal@gmail.com
Sleeper ID: rollforeverreal

I’m interested! I am going into my 2nd year of dynasty but I’m new to SF leagues. email is matt12cox@gmail.com & sleeper ID is Wildkard99

Any spots left

Hi I am interested if there still are openings! I have been playing normal fantasy for years but this is my first year dipping my toe into dynasty. This would be my second dynasty league!
Sleeper ID LueManChu


yes i have 1 spot open. can you send me your name on sleeper

Any spots left?!
No dynasty experience
Sleeper : theGRONKstrikesback


Sleeper rg1hunnid

Any spots left? I am interested.

Email: reachecom@gmail.com
Dynasty experience = 1 year
Sleeper id: Fire_the_cannons

interested if there’s any spots left!
1 year dynasty experience.
email: pokerfiend2000@hotmail.com
Sleeper ID: andichrist

I would join.
1 year dynasty experience
sleeper id: searing

0 dynasty exp.
sleeper id BTass21

If still open I’m 100% down! No dynasty experience but I’m interested!
Sleeper ID-Thomaskaylor

If there are any spots left I’m interested, 0 years dynasty, thaddman97@yahoo.com, Sleeper: @ShadowSoldier77

I’m definitely interested and I’m looking for a dynasty league with active members. I’m new to dynasty, but I’ve been playing in two or three of my re draft leagues for close to a decade. Im hoping to step away from that because of the lack of activity throughout the season. My email is RSrocheleau@gmail.com and my sleeper id is ryroch1381.

Hello I’m interested. BTass21 on Sleeper

Hey I am interested. I’m KiYay on sleeper