Looking for new/beginner Sf dynasty players

Hey there!!!

Looking for some newbies or beginners to dynasty in a sf .5 ppr league: $50 buy in. qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, te, 2 flex and 1 sf 17 bench spots: 5 Round rookie draft: 5 taxi slot: No kickers, no defense: Looking to start drafting next Sunday May 30th: Hmu if youre interested or know anyone interested: Funding will be handled on sleeper:

Interested. DCon292 on Sleeper

I’m interested, @tylerlorenz54 on sleeper

Sleeper ID: BeerMeWaukee

Hey man, tylerlorenz54 is my sleeper id.

Hey, I sent the invite it looks like you joined and left the league

Yeah man, there were some different scoring options, I’m looking for a normal league

Scoring is pretty standard.
So there is no boost to one position in particular. If you normally play in ppr leagues then it’s just that but for everyone.

Rb get .25 per carry just something to get them a boost
Wr is .5 pretty much like normal.
Te get a bit of a bump. I want to get it going and I’m open to voting but I want to do something a bit different nothing tooooo extreme though

Any spots left? I am BillyDelyon on Sleeper. I’ve never played a Dynasty league and I really want to. Thanks.

If there are still opening I’m interested 9fingerman on sleeper. I have 1 season of dynasty experience

Are there any openings left?? I’m very interested, always wanted in on a superflex league. AReedz07 is my Sleeper username

Let me know if there is an opening available.
Sleeper id KingBambino