Looking for one for a Dynasty start up! - iPhone users preferred

Just had someone drop out of our start up (haven’t drafted yet)! Good group, we need one more. 12 man league, $75 buy in. FAAB budget, .5 ppr, using MFL as a platform, 28 man rosters, no kickers, QB/RBx2/WRx3/TE/flex/dst. Going to be using both slack and imessage to communicate. Please only sign up if you are VERY involved in a league, communicate back quickly, ready to do a slow draft at a decent pace, and plan on being in the league for a few years. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not sign up if this is just going to be a fun league you don’t pay much attention to. So far we have a great group. IPHONE USERS PREFERRED! Thanks yall! Just need your email address and please plan on getting an email from me pretty quickly.

Interested if still available and I have an iPhone. codycastelluccio@yahoo.com

I’m the bruh complaining (and passive-aggressively liking other people’s complaints) in the groupMe when the slow draft is moving too slow … I’m your dude. easybreezyfantasy@gmail.com

This sounds perfect. I’m always active and would love to get into a good dynasty league. Tjconlan7@gmail.com

@yukoncornelious invite sent!

Interested if still looking for folks. Ryankcantrell@gmail.com is my email and I am an iPhone user.

I’m very interested if spots still open