Looking for online league - ladies only or coed

Looking to join a ladies league, but also open to coed leagues as well!
I’d prefer not to start one as I am commish of my own ladies local league and I don’t have ability (or the desire) to commish 2 leagues.

I’d be open to redraft or a starter dynasty/keeper league (would be my first time in those leagues), any buy-in amount.


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Also not looking to commish, but would certainly be interested in joining a ladies league!

Hey girls! I would love to be a part of a all ladies league and I would rather to be a dynasty on sleeper. If you girls agree I can create the league and commish

I’m in!! Thank you!

Here it goes! We can change the settings later if you girls want to

Thanks! I’m in the league … now just need to fill the other spots :money_mouth_face:

I’m definitely interested!

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My wife would love to join! This is her first however. She’s still learning.

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Send her the link :slight_smile:

Great! Join in! We have plenty of spots left

Count me in for it as well! This sounds awesome!

I was super late on seeing this but looks like the league is full. If you do another one, please let me know! my name on sleeper is: apetros

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