Looking for opinions on my 4th keeper

Hi all.

Chiefs fan here looking for some opinions to help me choose my final keeper so that I can defend my one and only Fantasy Football championship. Yes… it was a great football year for me! :slight_smile:

12 man Superflex - 4 keepers - Half PPR. We keep guys based on draft position plus 3 spots (used to be plus 1 spot prior to this year which is why some of my guys are still really good value)… also traded my 2,3,4 last year for upgrades.

Locks for me are:

Patrick Mahomes in Round 12

Lamar Jackson in Round 8

Christian McCaffrey in Round 1

Options for my 4th keeper:

Nick Chubb in Round 7

Aaron Jones in Round 12

Travis Kelce in Round 9

Thanks in advance!

think id go kelce?only because you have two best qbs, best rb already and not sure if jones will be as good this year etc

I like Kelce too. There’s enough rookie RB talent that you could find someone relevant.

I’d def. go Kelce. Mahomes combo points. Plus it leaves you rounds 2-9 to get RBs and WRs

Thanks for the replies. Shocked it’s 3 - 0 - 0!

Kelce gets my vote too

Add another vote for Kelce- With that roster you might as well take the keeper that gives you the best player and an advantage at that position in every matchup you’ll face.