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Looking for PPR buy in leagues


Hey Footclan! Any PPR Buy In leagues out there that need a new active member?


Hey! I just started a PPR league and looking for members who take fantasy semi seriously. Send me your email and I’ll send you an invite if you’re still looking.



Hey Kyle. Thanks for replying. Just wondering though what’s the buy in? And when do you guys draft?


League fee will be between $20-50, we will vote on it before the draft which is set for September 3rd @5:00pm EDT, but again we can vote to change the draft date if it doesn’t work for everyone.


I have another draft league that day but it’s at 9pm EST. I can try to get both in that day but wouldn’t mind if it changed as long as its either the last week of preseason or after preseason. Anyway here’s my email, I would like to join. Deandredickerson1@gmail.com