Looking for some advice of who to drop?

Looking to see who I should drop. I don’t want to start Jimmy Garoppolo this week, however i have a nice bench and am a bit confused on who I shoudl drop for a QB like Dalton/Mariota/Smith/Prescott/Bortles/Taylor

My bench is: James Connor (will start in place of Bell), Kerryon Johnson, Mack, Funchess, Garcon and Ridley.

Should I stand pat?

Any advice??? Thanks!

Ridley has the least amount of upside imo… he is going to be behind julio on the depth chart and they play the eagles def. not sure if it’s dynasty… if not I’d cut funchess

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I’d drop Ridley too, then depending on what your team needs I’d go Bortles for upside or Alex Smith for consistency.

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I’d drop Ridley yesterday.

Thanks for all the help. That was my thought as well i think i just got blinded by where he was draft irl.

He’s long gone. (non-dynasty)

I would have started fitpatrick