Looking for some help planning my playoff run

I’ve already done a lot of the thinking, now i just want some help confirming before I make any moves.
To give some background, this league is weird as a lot of teams have too many TE and QBs (and sometimes K and D?) It’s with work so i just let it happen lol. Standard scoring also, so 100 points can often net a win!

Before you tell me to not roster 2 QBs or D or TE, i rarely do but im at the point where it becomes strategic so I am doing so. Until this week I almost always had 1 of each.

Here is my squad:

In addition to people having all the extra 1 position players, the benches are really deep. During the season this is frustrating because a lot of waiver adds are owned, even with the few tacos. AT this point I think I have an advantage because I’m locked into the playoffs and probably will have a bye, which is why im able to think a little further ahead.

My glaring issue is QB, I had this plan to go with Dalton/Flacco but dropped Flacco because he is hurt. My only FA options are really Baker, Alex Smith , or Stafford.

Smith and Stafford are out for me, neither have a very good schedule and i cant roll into the playoffs that way lol.

Aside from hoping Flacco comes back, I think I might drop Dalton and snag Baker, He had a good matchup next week and then I can drop mariotta for someone else. If I were to get a bye, Bake and Flacco would be great 15 & 16 matchups.

Tell me if you disagree!! - My other thought is to drop someone like henry who I am unlikely to use and just stash QBs to see what happens (i.e. I could have flacco and Lamar because of their favorable schedules)

I actually feel really good about my RB situation. I had 4th pick and kind of got stuck with DJ, it was rough at first but he might be coming around. I’ve lucked out with Kerryon and Coleman, especially Coleman. Waivers only has Gio Bernard, Royce Freeman and maybe alfred morris, so no one too appealing.

My WRs are strong too, Adams and Thielen (knock on wood) have both been great, in this scoring they are the #2 and #4! I have a fair share of flexible options should anything go wrong. unfortunately any type of wr handcuff is already taken for them so I am kinda stuck with what I have. Only notable waivers are Tyell Williams and DJ moore, since its standard scoring im not crazy about either.

TE is a bad situation for me, but not the worst. I could add Uzomah or Heurman or Jesse James but I dont really feel great about any one of them. My concern is end of season Giants not playing eli or going to engram since he has been banged up this season. Heurman actually has a good schedule in terms or TE points and I’m starting to think about picking him up. (talking myself into this as a write it up)

As far as Defense, I like the patriots because they have the best week 16 matchup, but they also have a few decent matchups over the next few weeks. I grabbed the steelers and i might swap them out with the Titans, Theyre 11th ranked in this format AND they have a great schedule moving forward.

I’ll be screwed next week when my K is out (like actually dont want to drop him lol) but i’ll see what happens. I’m playing the last place team and may not need him anyway.

Drop Dalton, Add Baker
Play Mariota this week, Drop Later for Streamer or Flacco (im so high on flacco that someone probably needs to talk me out of it, but look at his opponents ROS)

RB: Probably doing nothing, I could see an argument to drop Henry and add Royce Freeman because of the end of year matchups.

WR: also feel good, considering dropping Reynold to snag another TE or something

TE: Should I keep Engram? I think I want to keep him for one more week and then he has a tough schedule and the Giants will be pretty done…

Defense: Going to go ahead and swap PIT for TEN, like their schedule and the way it pairs with NE

I really dont care if anyone comments I was more writing this out for myself to think and if anyone does have advice ill listen!