Looking for someone to take over our open footclanner spot

Hey all! We are looking to fill our open spot in our 2nd season as “the footclanners”. A league made entirely of footclan listeners just like you! We came together last year and have members from all pver the country. Everyone is active and competitive. We had 1 person drop from last year and its a keepr league so we need someone to take over that team (will show screenshot of team if your interested), full ppr, up to 2 keepers, 50$ buy-in and we use league safe. If your looking for a great league with competion, trading and consistancy then this is your league! Let me know if interested!

interested, request to see the team.


Hello! Heres a picture of the team. The cost is their drafted round +1 and you can keep up to 2 keepers from the team!

looks like something I can work with, what platform do you all play on? Trade limits? Acquisition limits? FAAB or waiver wire? When is the draft?


Heres our rules as they are posted in our league:

-PLAYOFFS: Out of the 12 teams in the league, 6 will make the playoffs (the top 3 in each division). The playoff weeks will occur durring weeks 15, 16 and 17. The winner of the week 17 matchup will be our champion. The top seed in each division will have a bye week for the first week of the playoffs.

-SCORING: We will be playing head to head every week with points being the tiebreaker. We do use fractional point scoring and this is a full PPR league. QBs, RBs and WRs all get point boosts for hitting yardage markers (ex: RBs get and extra point at 125 yard, 2 points at 150 and 3 points at 175). You can see the full scoring list under the league settings tab.

-WAIVER SYSTEM: We will be doing a FAAB waiver system (Free Agent Acquisition Bucks) with 100$ being the cap for the season. Each player is awarded 100$ in FAAB and is up to them to choose how to spend it. Left over FAAB does NOT carry over to next season and you will NOT be allotted more if you run out. The waiver opens Wednesday morning and closes right when the games start. From the start of games until Tuesday night at 11:59pm, you may put in a bid for a free agent player. A continuing rolling number will be the tie breaker.

-TRADES: You are allowed to trade/ trade-for a designated “keeper” player to better your team during the current season however, a “keeper” player that is traded, is no longer eligible for keeper status. Trading a keeper nullifies all remaining keeper rights for the upcoming season. If you trade for a player that was NOT designated as a keeper, then you may retain that player as one of your keepers for the following season at their drafted cost +1 round.

-DRAFT: The draft will be held on Sunday August 30 @ 5:30 PM PDT. This will be our first draft together so it will be a snake draft. In the following seasons, I will look at doing a draft style similar to the NFLs to help parity if some teams end weaker than others. The rounds will be 1:15 second intervals so have your homework ready! (Remember its a keeper league so take that into consideration when drafting!)

-DIVISIONS: There are 2 divisions with 6 teams in each. PrestigeWW (shout out to Joe and Nicholas) and Bonjour (shoutout to Mark). The winner of each division will get the top seed and the 2 best teams behind them, will be seeded for playoffs.

-IR SPOTS: There will be 1 IR spot designated for your roster. This IR spot can be used for any player that is ruled OUT or IR. If a player in your IR spot is designated as healthy (this includes Questionable and Doubtful) you will not be able to add players until he is moved to your bench. This could result in the loss of a player if not followed correctly. Being designated OUT, IR or COVID are the acceptable options for the IR spot.

-KEEPER SETTINGS: You are able to keep up to 2 active players from your roster for up to 2 additional seasons. You may NOT keep 2 players of the same player position as listed by yahoo. The cost for every keeper will be their round drafted +1 round for the 1st year kept and their round drafted +2 for the 2nd year kept. Waiver wire players that are kept will cost their ADP +1 round for the season after they were picked up off of waivers. You may keep a player that you traded for so long as they were not previously kept (please check the ‘trades’ paragraph for more details). In the event you keep 2 players that share the same round cost, you will be required to give up 1 round higher for 1 of the designated players. If both players cost a 4rd round pick, then you will be required to give up a 4rd and a 3nd round pick (be wise when choosing which player get the higher tender as that will be their price moving forward). Players selected in the first 2 rounds will NOT be eligible for keeper status. This will ensure there are always quality players available in first 2 rounds and make it more fair to the players who might not have strong keepers.

-PAYOUTS: The payouts for the league will consist of the top 3 players getting paid. If the season plays out through the fantasy playoffs, then the 1st place winner will receive 350$ and the title of being the first champion of our new footclan league! 2nd place will receive 170$ and 3rd place will receive 80$ (and also get big kudos for being top 3!). If the season does NOT finish through the fantasy playoffs, then we will resort to using a week 11 deadline and PF (points for) to determine winners. If the season does NOT make it past week 11, then we will all be reimbursed our $50 dues and can look towards playing again next season!

*Notable changes:

*Updated from 8-team playoff to 6-team playoff (ensures 1st seeds get a bye week)

*Updated playoff weeks from 14,15,16 to 15,16,17

*Updated IR spot allotment from 2 spots to 1 spot

-Hopefully I covered a good amount of rules and settings for you guys. If you have any questions or would like me to cover anything else, please message me!

still available?

Yes it is! I apologize I was on a trip yesterday but the spot is still open. Message me back if your still interested as there are a few people who wanna join. Heres a pic of the team we need filled:

Can you send a pm invite!

Spot still open?

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just as an update for anyone who is looking at this post, as of 6:43 pacific on 6/11/2021 the spot IS still open. Its first come first serve so whoever gets back to me first will get the spot. Looking forward to playing this year!

I’m in if this is still open