Looking for someone

Hey all! We are looking to fill our open spot in our 2nd season as “the footclanners”. A league made entirely of footclan listeners just like you! We came together last year and have members from all pver the country. Everyone is active and competitive. We had 1 person drop from last year and its a keepr league so we need someone to take over that team (will show screenshot of team if your interested), full ppr, up to 2 keepers, 50$ buy-in and we use league safe. If your looking for a great league with competion, trading and consistancy then this is your league! Let me know if interested!

interested, request to see the team.


Hello! Heres a picture of the team. The cost is their drafted round +1 and you can keep up to 2 keepers from the team!

looks like something I can work with, what platform do you all play on? Trade limits? Acquisition limits? FAAB or waiver wire? When is the draft?


still available?

Yes it is! I apologize I was on a trip yesterday but the spot is still open. Message me back if your still interested as there are a few people who wanna join. Heres a pic of the team we need filled:

Can you send a pm invite!

Spot still open?

I’m in if this is still open

I’m in if still open!

@BlessedbyDaGOAT on sleeper