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Looking for Start-up Dynasty drafting Vet over the next two weeks

Slow Draft preferably…I’m open to different formats, but looking for a higher buy in league around 100.

Here is a list of new dynasty leagues starting up soon. Each with.different format (victory points, 14 team, 2 copy, 4 copy, best ball) that are starting as soon as they fill in most cases.

Always great competition plus a ton a trading and activity.

Check them out and let me know as They are filling quickly.

Thank you but looking for something on Sleeper

Same - let me know if you find something and I’ll keep you posted

Sounds good

50$ is what I put but up for discussion on money

I am the commissioner of a 12 team PPR league dynasty. There is an opening for choice of two teams (owner had to bail due to time commitments). the league has been a long time league, but went to a dynasty league last year. We hold a rookie auction draft, one round after the NFL draft, and a non-snake rookie draft after that awhile later. buy in is 125.00 with payout for winner about 1,000.00 and paid to 5th place. also division winners get paid, as well.

Let me know if interested. we host the league on myfantasyleague.com and all in the league are serious players, which helps the league be competitive. fun league.

Greg “Smashmoll” Moll
The Good, Bad & Ugly Dynasty League.
email: oldgreggm@gmail.com

Thank you for the offer, but really looking to join a new league. Vet draft for entertainment right now.