Looking for startup dynasty spot or even orphaned team

Looking to get more dynasty leagues! I’d like to get into a startup but I’ll take on an orphaned team I am a very active player

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I’m currently in the midst of starting up a deep 12 team superflex dynasty (possibly empire- current leaguemates still voting on few things). If you’re interested, shoot me a pm on here with a little info about yourself and your history playing fantasy football. I’ll be posting more info in it’s own post on these forums later today.

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I have an orphan here


Which would lead to invites to any startups!


I do not know how to PM on here… is there anywhere else I can PM you like in sleeper? Sleeper name is prich93

I’ll send you a pm. I’m krferguson on sleeper.

I’ve been considering joining one more as well, but I want to have an auction for drafting. I love that method and no one seems to be thinking that way. Admittedly at this point I have not dug too deeply, but all the new league postings seem to want a snake draft.