Looking for startup Dynasty!

My friend and I are Looking for a new startup Dynasty league, seasoned players. Would like for it to be Paid league, PPR, Superflex. Sleeper App. atleast 12 teams

8 spots open
te pre
kicker for draft pos

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Hello friend! So basically startup and then 1st kicker is 1.01 in rookie 2021 draft, 2nd 1.02 etc? Also what does the Starting players/bench look like?

yeah far as i know :slight_smile:

2 rb 2 wr 3 flex 1 superflex

Purrrrfect, :cat: You meant 1 QB 2 rb 2 wr 3 flex 1 superflex right? and 12 team?

of course :slight_smile:

Giving this some serious thought, sounds exciting, my friend is doing the same, for him it’s the $ because he devotes a certain amount to Fantasy yearly and if he takes this league he is gonna drop a league that is stagnant/basically dead.

league filled up around midnight yesterday, just started slowdraft :frowning:

UGH. that sucks. alright man. sorry I didn’t back to you sooner

np :frowning: makes it lil easier competition less footclannies :stuck_out_tongue: i wasnt commish or i woulda waited for ya, was just postin to help fill

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I am interested if there are still spots available

I have a spot open in mine

Nice what are the details