Looking for team advice to turn things around

I am 3-4 in a 10-team Standard league, and looking for advice on how to improve.

QB: Herbert
RB: Jacobs, Chubb, Carson, Robinson, Montgomery, Switch
WR: Thomas, Golladay, Woods, Antonio Brown
TE: Henry
K: Koo

I feel I am overloaded at RB, so looking for any advice on who I could move for possible upgrades at QB and/or TE.

Some options/questions for this week:

  • Is Andrews a significant upgrade over Henry at TE? They both have been seeing similar target numbers. Andrews owner is hurting for RB.
  • Would you drop Brown to pickup Aiyuk to play this week (over Woods)
  • Considering dropping NE to pick up Edmonds - further stacking my RB situation but plays keep away, and possibly opens up more trade options (though the league is very trade adverse).

Any advice welcome!

I would def drop NE to grab Edmonds. If you end up not wanting him just trade him.
I wouldn’t drop AB- I would trade him.
Henry is a great player and it’s a nice stack with Herbert but Andrews would be an upgrade. Maybe pick up Edmonds and trade for Andrews would work? Henry and Edmonds at most.

Yeah, concern is I am stacking all these RBs that I can’t all play. With a 10-team league there also isn’t as much urgency in getting depth.

Andrews owner has Jones, Williams, Ekeler, and Hill at RB, so not much but apparently is not interested in an RB trade :confused:

Kittle owner has been unresponsive, Kelce owner unlikely to be interested but only has Hunt, Henderson, and Gaskin.

For QB - eyeing Wilson. Owner just lost Drake, but also has Davis (who may take a backseat soon), Singletary, and Gibson. They also have Tannehill as their backup.

I know you can’t play them all but if something happens to any of them you have the back up. Also play the match ups. If these owners don’t want to trade their TEs for RBs- that’s understandable and fine. You don’t have to. Injuries will happen, bye weeks are happening- just keep seeing if a team needs something and capitalize on it.

Just curious- what TEs are out there on waivers? What QBs too?

See if there’s a team in your league that has some solid WR talent but maybe lacking RB talent, you may be able to make a good offer there. Looks like you’re only lacking reliable WRs right now. I would stash Brown or you could trade him because he will either be a hit or a miss. I picked him up in two of my leagues and personally I’m going to stash him for the time being.

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Jonnu is the top available on waivers.
Goedart is available but a week(s) out.
Then Fant, Engram, Schultz, and more around there

QB there is Brady, Stafford, Minshew…

Dude- what?
Grab Jonnu. Or Fant.
And pick up Brady- he’s rolling right now.

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You would take Jonnu over Henry?

And Brady was just picked up.

well Jonnu is the number 4 ranked TE and Henry is 16th

True, but both are getting similar targets… aside from Jonnu’s last two lower-end games, but possibly due to injury?

Yeah he was coming back from injury. He really should have not played the last game.
I mean, if they’re both getting the same targets, Jonnu is capitalizing them in the end zone. You can make the case that because AJ Brown was out a couple weeks and Corey Davis was out for some of the weeks, his numbers sky rocketed. So his numbers might be inflated but I like that with 2 really good WRs, a top 3 RB- middle of the field tends to be open for him.

Worst case, cut a defense and pick him up. Hold both for a week or 2 and then just trade one.