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Looking for the podcast where they suggested more bench players may encourage trading


Hey gents…my league’s commish put the bench spots down to 2 last year to encourage trading. To put it simply, it didn’t work. I was listening to a podcast - the fantasy footballers of course - and I heard (I think it was either Mike or Jason) them talking about increasing the bench size to increase trading. Does anyone know what episode that was? I think it was early June. I want it to send to my commissioner so he’ll increase bench spots. It was awful last year, I had to drop starters just to get through some bye weeks with a full team.


I can’t remember the episodes. How large is your league, how many spots are you starting, what’s the current bench size? Also, how good are your league mates? If you increase bench size but end up with a couple of dominating teams and a few that have weak benches it won’t result in much trading.

I think in the end it just comes down to the people. I had a guy last year refuse a trade after week 5 solely because of the draft. “I can’t give you my 2nd round pick for your 5th and 9th round picks. That’s no way equal.” People like that you’ll never be able to trade with. Another guy was almost out of contention and had Bell, I offered Freeman and two WRs that he’d immediately be able to put in his starting lineup. He refused because Bell was his best player. I usually find 2 or 3 people in the league that I’m actually able to pull a trade off with.


He usually tinkers every year, but only a bit. It’s pretty basic for the most part. Last year it was 2xWR & RBs, TE, QB, Defense, 2 defensive players & a Kicker. He cut out the Flex, which I hated especially with just 2 bench spots. I mostly want him to switch it up, so a podcast might do the trick. I’m also hoping he’ll get rid of the DPs, as they’re just annoying. Basically, I want to manipulate the commish to get things the way I want:grin:


That’s crazy! 2 bench spots?!? One league that I’m the commissioner of we start 1qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 1 flex. 6 bench. The waiver is pretty bare toward the 2nd half of the season so trades to happen. Last year we didn’t have the flex and probably 5 trades or so. Hoping the added flex will increase some trades.


Yeah, it was very difficult to handle your team. If you have a bye week and have 3 guys off, you’re pretty much screwed. Especially if you can’t make a trade. And, the guys that WILL trade certainly aren’t going to when they see you’re screwed. It’s funny when it’s someone else. But, can’t blame the commish. He was trying to get trading going, it just didn’t work. There’s probably 4 or 5 of us that’ll trade regularly. That’s why I think showing him the pod might just work better than me making suggestions since I’m one of the new guys in the league, having joined 4 years ago. I just started listening to the @ffballers at the end of last season - I’ve never done well in our league either, so another reason if I just suggest something they may not take me too seriously. They will after I bring home a footclan title this year though!


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