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Looking for thoughts on this trade


I’m in a 12 team standard league

He sends: Tom Brady, Mike Evans and Terrence West
I Send: Marshawn Lynch and Jordy Nelson

My current Qb is Stafford
My other top receivers are Fitz, Moncrief, Meredith, and Theilen
My only other Rb’s are Ware, Coleman, and AP.

What do you guys think? I’m very tempted here.


Take it before he has 2nd thoughts


I think this trade comes down to how much of an upgrade you think Brady is over Stafford. Evans and Nelson are probably equal and you downgrade in RB in my mind.


I should have also mentioned that I have Gronk at TE.

Sidenote: The Footballers are 100% right w their advice to not drink and draft. I had a small buzz and while I didn’t end up making and mistakes because of it I DID almost draft another TE 3 different times before remebering Gronk. Thanks for the replies so far guys.


Nope. The wr exchange is pretty much a lateral move. You are upgrading your qb and downgrading your rbs, which is a problem because you are pretty weak at rb. Do you really want your starting rbs to be West and Ware? :face_vomiting:

There is a reason experts advise to wait on qb. Stafford will probably be a qb1. If not you will be able to find a qb1 on the waiver wire. Look at Matt Ryan last year. Plus, you will have to drop a player to complete this trade, so it’s really Stafford, Lynch and Nelson for Brady, West and Evans.

If you had more rb depth, I’d say maybe (but probably still no). With your roster, no way.


Wouldn’t do that.


I would 100% do that.

And I mean drink during my draft.

I guess I would do the trade too.


If this is a dynasty/keeper league, I’d do this 100/100 times.


It’s redraft


Eh, I’d probably side with the better RB then.


I’d take that!


I agree with most, I would hold due to the weakness of your RB. If you can get someone other than Brady like another RB then yes


Many people say that the way to tell who wins a trade is to see who got the best player. In this deal you’re getting Brady which means you’re getting the best player.

Brady gives you an advantage at the position over everyone else in you league (maybe with the exception of the ARod owner). You take a small hit at WR and you are losing talent at RB but that position is the riskiest in fantasy.

When you break down the running backs you see that Terrence West had almost 800 yards on a team that threw more pass attempts than anyone in the NFL. While Lynch has a much higher ADP he isn’t a surefire RB2 considering that his last year in the league was filled with injuries and he is coming back from a year long retirement…


Tom Brady is free in this trade.

Mike Evans > Jordy Nelson, because of risk. Jordy is 32 years old and that is a year where WRs tend to fall off. In addition, Evans is a more efficient RZ receiver and not by a little. All he needs is targets, which this Tampa team should have more of this year.

Lynch >= West, because of risk. Nobody can know if Skittles will be good this year. What is not debatable is that back problems do not go away and will not heal. They only get worse with time. We also know that Baltimore is going to have to run more this year and the only other person taking usage from West is the injury prone Danny Woodhead. Didn’t West average 4.6 YPC and get a TD in his preseason game? Opportunity > Talent.

They way I see it you are trading away two of the top 15 highest injury risk players for two healthy high upside high opportunity options. And you get an upgrade at QB to boot. In addition, I just don’t know why Lynch is going to high in drafts. Murray got 195 carries as a feature back, and Lynch will get less so they say. throughout his career if he picks up an injury, he drops from a 4.5 YPC runner to a 3.8. Lynch is 700-800 yards and maybe double digit TDs. Murray got 12 last year, but 6 the year before with the same role.


Take the deal!


I like Evans a lot but I believe he’s riskier than Jordy. Jordy plays on a prolific offense with a great qb. If Tampa plays the way they want to and did in the 2nd half of the season their defense will be strong and they will run the ball. Especially if Martin returns to form. Plus Tampa has added offensive weapons. Considering those two factors above, Evans will need to improve his catch %, he’ll need to improve his YAC, and maintain his touchdowns to reach last year’s numbers because his targets will decrease. It’s doable, but risky. And I believe it’s riskier than a great wr who’s 32.


Jordy > Evans in redraft. By a significant margin, imo.