Looking for trade advice... haven't been successful. Have any tips?

Looking to make some trades for RB1 or WR2. League mates are being difficult to trade with. Any appealing trade packages I could put together to better my team? Do you see any weakness in my roster? I have struggled with trading and could use some advice!

10 team, Half-point ppr scoring, redraft

QB: Lamar Jackson
RB: Aaron Jones, Sony Michel, Devonta Freeman, Miles Sanders, Rashaad Penny, Darwin Thompson
WR: Julio Jones, Tyreek Hill, AJ Green, John Brown, Mecole Hardman, Sterling Shepard
TE: Delaine Walker

Hardman and Thompson are hyped up now and could be traded. But overall you need to look at the other teams and see if they need a RB or WR and then take the other position from them

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Thanks man! I have been trying that, but it is a family/friend league and they always offer dumb and unfair trades that benefit them lol hopefully I can make something happen

yea it stinks that most leagues people will only accept trades if it is not even close to a fair trade. Leagues that allow trading draft picks is the best way I have found to be able to get deals done.

That sucks! I hate it when people don’t realize that the trade should hurt a little bit because both sides are giving a little more than they want, but it still benefits both teams