Looking for Trade Advice

So I waited until the 14th round to grab my TE in Ebron thinking he’d be a steal… but I’m getting lower on him by the day. I kinda want Graham, since he has elite TE potential without carrying the elite TE asking price, but I don’t know how much I should pay for him… my team (10team half ppr) is:

QB: Cousins
RB: Howard
RB: Gordon
WR: Pryor
WR: D Thomas
FLX: Jacquizz
TE: Ebron
K: empty

Ty Mont
D. Henry

As you can see I’m pretty deep at RB so I was considering offering Abdulla for Graham… In a draft I value Abdulla over TE but in this scenario my RB situation is pretty loaded and now with Ware set to miss at least a few weeks I got the Chiefs bellcow on top of everything. I’m really liking Abdualla’s usage this preseason but I’m slightly lower on Ty Mont now than I was a month ago… any advice on who I should be looking to ship out or if I should be looking at a different TE.

It doesn’t become a better idea to pay for a top end TE after the draft. If you don’t love Ebron (I don’t blame you) I’d suggest checking the waiver wire. Is Brate and/or Hooper available? Scoop them up. Also, don’t be afraid to stream TE. I do it regularly and it works just fine.

Edit: just saw that this is a 10 team league. That makes spending for a top TE even. A worse idea, because there’s likely even more quality TEs to either roster or stream.

For some reason almost everyone has 2 TEs… nobody did that last year so idk wtf the reasoning is this year… it’s like late rounds everyone stopped caring. In their defense we were drinking pretty heavily lol… but yeah I realize I’d be paying up based on ADP with Abdulla by like half a round… but at the same time what’s abdulla’s ceiling? RB15 max? If he was my RB4 I wouldn’t consider it but I have plenty of depth… and if Graham lives up to the potential this year then streaming won’t get me anywhere near the potential… but I after thinking about it I think I’m gonna let my guys perform and see what I can get for them early mid season after the injuries start to flow when people will pay premium for RBs.

I’d definitely wait. RB 15 is worth waaaayyy more than the difference between TE 5 and TE 15.

What other TEs are on waiver?

Not a lot of options… nobody fell for the O.J. Howard trap, Brate and Hooper are both gone… considered Evan Engram but I’m not convinced he’ll be any better than Ebron week 1… Fleaner is still there but against Minnesota week1… basically I’m just gonna wait until closer to the season… see if Ebron can get his shit together… if not then I’ll make a week 1 decision on streaming…

Witten is always reliable, nothing flashy of course. Charles Clay is a good boom/bust option who plays the Jets week 1.

I’d rather have Witten than Ebron.